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A great Florida church needs a very comprehensive Florida church insurance policy. Statewide Insurance has developed partnerships with the top Florida church insurance companies available.

Think about it:

The better a church is, the more people the church attracts. The more people the church attracts, the higher probability there is for someone to get injured on the church grounds. Protect your church with a comprehensive Florida church insurance policy backed by a top Florida church insurance company.

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What coverage is typically available on a Florida church insurance policy?

What additional coverage is available on a Florida church insurance policy?

How do I save money on my Florida church insurance?

What coverage is typically available on a Florida church insurance policy?

  • Commercial property which covers loss to the any buildings on the premises as well as the contents that are kept on the premises.
  • Commercial general liability which covers bodily injury or property damage for which the church may be liable.

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What other coverage is available on a Florida church insurance policy?

  • Medical payments. This covers medical expenses for any minor injury that may occur on the premises.
  • Pastoral liability which protects the professional integrity of pastors that counsel others.
  • Sexual abuse and misconduct which protects against allegations of misconduct by the church.
  • Directors and officers of the church also need protection. Directors and officers can be covered as part of a package church insurance policy.

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How do I save money on my Florida church insurance?

  • If you want the best price and best coverage for your Florida church insurance, the best thing to do is shop around. We represent the top Florida church insurance carriers. Get a Florida church insurance quote now!
  • Deductible. Increasing the deductible on your Florida church lowers your insurance premium and lowering your deductible increases it. Consider how much you are willing to pay out of pocket before you would file a claim. Then consider how much this will save you on your premium.
  • Territory. The location of the church and the distance to fire hydrants and the fire department will make a difference in your premium.
  • Construction type. Whether your church is concrete block or frame construction makes a difference in the rating.
  • Year of construction. More carriers have appetites for newer construction churches built after 2005. This could really help your insurance premiums.
  • Alarm. If you have a monitored alarm makes a difference in the premium and whether a company will offer theft coverage or not.

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Disclaimer: This is only an example of how coverage could apply and does not represent any guarantee of coverage. This site contains general information relating to Florida church insurance and is not intended to be a substitute for the law.


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