Florida Motorhome Insurance

There’s alot more to Florida motorhome insurance than meets the eye. Alot of policies are little more than a glorified auto insurance policy. This offers you the protection you need while you are driving your motorhome, but what about while you are parked? Better yet, what if this is your full time residence?

A motorhome policy should extend coverage off the road as well as on. A few things to look out for:

1. Make sure your policy has vacation liability (or full timer’s liability if this is your residence). This coverage provides valuable liability┬ácoveragemuch like a homeowners insurance policy would. For example, if someone gets hurt climbing the steps into your motorhome or trips over a hose.

2. An auto type insurance policy will not cover any of your belongings inside your motorhome. The value of these items can add up quickly.

3. Emergency expenses. Also not covered under an auto type policy. This would pay for living expenses you would incur if your motorhome was damaged while on a trip and you had to stay somewhere else while it was being repared.

As you can see there are many things to consider when purchasing a Florida motorhome insurance policy. Visit our Florida motorhome insurance quote page for a free quote.