Florida Auto Insurance Gadgets

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Coverage Selector

View all of the coverages available to you on your Florida auto insurance policy with this interactive tool. Find out what coverages should be considered to ensure you are protected.

Auto Crash Test Ratings

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety puts vehicles to the test to see how safe they really are in the event of an accident. See how your vehicle compares.

Online DMV Services

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles offers many online services to save you time. Renew your tag or license as well as many other services here.

Florida Homeowners Insurance Gadgets

Florida Homeowners Insurance Carrier Rates By County

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has posted insurance carrier rates by county. Simply choose the year your home was constructed and select the county you are located in for a list of carriers and their rates.


Florida Flood Insurance Gadgets


Florida Flood Risk Meter

Florida flood insurance risk meter

All of Florida is in a flood zone. Find out if your home is in a high risk flood zone.

Flood Risk Scenarios

This tool from FEMA offers several different flood scenarios that may affect your home. Choose the most likely scenario and you will see how it could impact your neighborhood.

The Cost of Flooding

Do you know how much damage can be caused by as little as 1 inch of flooding. This tool from FEMA will show you how much a flood could cost you.


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Better Coverage Guide

Guide To Better Coverage

Our better coverage guide provides an interactive resource that helps you make the right decisions about your insurance needs.

Better Coverage Guide


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Florida homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. All of Florida is in a flood zone. You can purchase flood insurance for as little as $10 a month.

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