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Churches have many risks that traditional insurance policies do not address. In order to be sure your church is getting the proper insurance coverage, it is best to work with a Florida company that specializes in this type of insurance.

If someone is injured (ie. slip and fall), the liability will respond to protect the church’s interest. Additionally a church needs insurance to protect against unseen liabilities. For example, a church insurance company will typically add coverage for sexual abuse and misconduct. It is important to make sure this option is available on your insurance policy. Another example would be pastoral liability which protects the church’s liability in the event someone in injured because of advice they received from a church pastor.

As I mentioned, a church can find themselves in situations that most commercial businesses do not. Therefore it is important to review your policy with an experienced agent that can advise you on the coverage that would best suit your needs. Be sure to review the amount of coverage you have on your building/s as it is important to insure them for replacement cost including the debris removal. Insure the belongings inside the church at a value that will replace all of the items in the event of a total loss.

You also need to disclose any additional activities the church may be involved in, such as daycare operations, transportation that the church offers, any off premises events or fundraising that the church may be involved in, as well as any outside events or organizations the church may rent their facilities to. All of these factors may not be covered unless they are disclosed to the insurance company up front.

Lastly, it is also important to cover any board members, directors, and officers of the church. This body is relied upon to make decisions for the church and could be held liable for any unforseen shortcomings. With a Director’s and Officer’s policy and proper bonding the financial integrity of the church can also be protected.

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