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A Florida wedding insurance policy is the smart way to protect your special day against risks that could arise. Insure your wedding with a Florida wedding insurance policy for as little as $160.00.

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Am I required to carry Florida wedding insurance?

What coverage is available for Florida wedding insurance?

Am I required to carry Florida wedding insurance?

Purchasing a Florida wedding insurance policy could be the most important purchase you make for your special day. The venue where you are holding your wedding may require you to carry a Florida wedding insurance policy. Check with the venue to see what the requirements may be.

It would also be a good idea to purchase liquor liability with your wedding insurance policy if alcohol will be served at the event

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What coverages are available for Florida wedding insurance?

  • Cancellation/Postponement: Provides coverage for certain deposits listed in the policy in case of a cancellation or postponement of the wedding.
  • Additional Expenses: Provides coverage for certain unexpected expenses you may incur in order to prevent cancellation or postponement.
  • Photographs/Videos: If photographs are lost or damaged this coverage reimburses to reconvene the wedding party for photos.
  • Gifts: Pays to repair or replace damaged wedding gifts.
  • Special Attire: Covers damage to the wedding gown or tuxedo.
  • Special Jewelry: Provides coverage for the bride and grooms wedding bands.
  • Lost Deposits: Provides coverage if a vendor goes out of business or fails to show up.
  • Liability: Provides coverage for damage caused by your Florida wedding party or personal injury to a guest of the party.

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Disclaimer: This is only an example of how coverage could apply and does not represent any guarantee of coverage. This site contains general information relating to Florida wedding insurance and is not intended to be a substitute for the law.


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